AFSCME District Council 20 announces its NEW Labor Leader Recognition program.

On September 27, 2023, in the month of the Labor Day holiday, Local presidents under the umbrella of AFSCME Council 20 will meet with Washington, DC elected officials at City Hall (John A.

Congratulation is in order for Messiah Khalfani, the winner of the 2024 AFSCME Family Scholarship! His Mother, April Hart is a long time member of District Council 20, AFSCME Local 2401!  Best luck on your future endeavors Messiah!

Debra Walker, President of AFSCME Local 709, is featured in an AFSCME International advertisement.  President Walker speaks to the crucial work this she does for DC Government’s Department of Transportation, as a Safety Technician.  She, and the members of her Local, ensure the streets are safe for pedestrians in the Nation’s Capital; especially children and people attending events around the city.

As labor unions gain in popularity, workers’ rights remain under threat. But while private sector workers have the right to form unions under federal law, public service workers lack that same guarantee.

The last few years have seen a rise in worker momentum, with unionized workers raising their voices to demand higher pay, safer working conditions and more.