For Working Women, This is Not a Close Call

The Janus case was an attempt to deliver a knockout blow to millions of working people and their families who looked to the Supreme Court as an independent institution that advances equal rights and fundamental freedoms for all.

If confirmed, President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, would tip the scales of justice even further against working families for decades to come. Kavanaugh was handpicked by the same ultra-rich and ultra-right-wing interests behind the Janus v. AFSCME case.

And while his nomination is cause for alarm for all working people, women would lose the most.

Kavanaugh believes corporations and people in power can trample on the rights and freedoms of everyone else. Perhaps nowhere has that been more evident than in his work to undermine access to health care, particularly for women.

In one case, Kavanaugh broke with his colleagues over whether to reconsider a ruling about employers preventing their workers from getting access to birth control through their work health insurance plan, even if the employer didn’t have to pay for it. Kavanaugh appears to believe that bosses should be able to use their own personal religious beliefs as justification to tell their employees what is best for their own bodies.

But it doesn’t stop there. Kavanagh has consistently taken extreme positions against working people in order to side with employers. In another case, Kavanaugh’s colleagues ruled that the U.S. State Department could not fire an employee simply because he turned 65. Kavanaugh broke with them, arguing for the employer. In his words, the decision to unjustly fire an employee simply because of their age was “not a close call.” For Kavanaugh, it will never be a close call when it comes to leveling the playing field for working people. He will always side with the boss.

Those special interests that pushed Kavanaugh hope to continue their assault on working people and rig our economy and democracy in their own favor. In an economy and democracy that already make it harder for working people, particularly women and people of color, we must organize to make sure Kavanaugh’s record is exposed and that he is not confirmed to the United States Supreme Court.

Fortunately, organizing is what we do best. It’s time to get in the ring – for ourselves, our co-workers, our communities and our families. This won’t be an easy round, but we can win. And too much is at stake not to take on the fight.