When: Wednesday, Apr 6, 2022, 11:30am - 1:00pm

Freedom Plaza - 1301 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC 20004 (in front of the District's "City Hall", the John A. Wilson Building).

Please join AFSCME Local 2401 on Wednesday, April 6 from 11:30am-1pm for a rally/demonstration at Freedom Plaza (in front of the District's "City Hall", the John A. Wilson Building) to demand that District leaders review, update, and expand the current telework policies. 

We need you to commit to being at this important rally by signing up here: 



  • From the very start of the COVID pandemic, District employees stepped up and kept DC running. When the Mayor's Emergency Order shut down many DC Government buildings, we continued doing our jobs, efficiently and effectively, and kept many the functions of the District running smoothly for the DC residents we serve.  
  • Teleworking did not negatively affect the performance of our work or the functioning of District agencies. In many cases, teleworking employees were proven to be more productive and efficient. 
  • DCHR's response to our request for an updated telework/AWS policy was this:  "The economic effects of COVID-19 cannot be ignored. As you are aware, the District government relies on revenue generated from businesses and workers operating within the District to fund government services, and this revenue is adversely impacted by remote work. While we are proud that the District government was able to endure the effects of the public health emergency without having to resort to furloughs or a reduction-in-force, a full expansion of telework as seen during the emergency would not be sustainable at this time."
  • Local 2401 respectfully submitted a petition signed by over 1,200 employees requesting DCHR review it's telework policy and look for ways to expand options for workers. Our petition was ignored by Mayor Bowser, and every DC Councilmember on the Committee for Labor and Workplace Development. 
  • Teleworking is a quality of life issue. DC has some of the worst traffic and longest commuting times in the country, costing many workers hundreds of hours of wasted time each year. Gas prices are skyrocketing. Even small changes in telework policy by management that claims to care for the wellbeing of DC workers (union, non-union, management alike)  would give some relief to the employees and their families. 
  • Teleworking is progressive and  should have been expanded prior to COVID. There is a mountain of scientific literature proving that telework options improve productivity and wellness, leading to better work and fewer sick days. Technology advances (Teams, Zoom, etc.) make telework interaction run seamlessly and in many cases, easier than old ways of in-person communication. 


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