When: Saturday, Aug 31, 2024, (All day)

Presidents may nominate someone from their Local who demonstrates exemplary labor leadership. The nominee must be an AFSCME Council 20 member in good standing. The President must submit a brief statement (no more than 1 page) to [email protected]. The statement shall include specific descriptions in order to show the nominee’s leadership qualities. The submissions will be reviewed and voted on by Council 20’s Executive Director, President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Recording Secretary and Secretary Treasurer. The winner will receive $200 and formal recognition on the Council’s platforms.
Winning criteria to include the following:
I. Length of Service-the time that the nominee been an active labor leader.
II. Peer to Peer Communication and Association-the nominee is able to relate with members within their agency/Local/Council. Members feel comfortable contacting the nominee for representation and consultation.
III. Leadership Qualities- the nominee typically acts independently and gets work done. The nominee is often sought for their opinion. The nominee is reliable and consistent.
IV. Personal Accomplishments-when necessary, the nominee submits grievances and addresses workplace issues.
V. Team Accomplishments-the nominee works with the Local to resolve problems. The nominee works on committees that address workplace and labor issues.
VI. Attendance and Punctuality-the nominee is timely with expected documents. The nominee is on time and ready for meetings and events. The nominee is where they need to be to represent Labor.